A “How To” Guide for Predicting the Weather BY CAN

  How To Predict A Snow-DayIt’s going to snow if…

  • clouds are covering the sky
  • the temperature is lower than 32 Fahrenheit
  • there are no dark clouds
  • it hasn’t rained for a few days (indicator for a lot of snow!)

How To Predict RainIt’s going to rain if…

  • clouds are covering the sky
  • it is warmer than 32 Fahrenheit
  • Note: Thunderstorms may occur.

 How To Predict A ThunderstormIt’s going to storm if…

  • dark, thick clouds fill the sky

  How To Predict A Sunny DayThe sun will appear if…

  • there are not many clouds or no clouds
  • clouds are thin or transparent

How Other People Predict The Weather

  • “Look at the clouds and then check the weather app.” – Henry
  • “Watch the news.” – Daniel
  • “Check the weather app.” – Carter

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