Talent show FAQ’s BY: REESE

All information provided by Mrs. Redfearn Cave. 

What day, and when is the show?

Jan 31, 2:00-3:30

When is the dress rehearsal and is it open to people not in the show? 

Jan 30, 4:00-5:30, and no. Not unless they have contacted Ms. Redfearn Cave.

How long should the act be?

3 minutes or less. 

When are the audition days?

Tuesday, January 22nd 

Wednesday, January 23rd 

Friday, January 25th

Where is the audition?

In the West Wing Choir room.


On Mrs. Redfearn Caves’ door.

Can one person have more than one act?

Yes. You can have one group and one solo, not two groups or two solos. If you do decide to do this, be aware that this is a big job and commitment.  

 What am I allowed to do?

Dancing, monologues, acting, musical instrument(s), skits, art, martial arts, etc. Singing is an option too, just make sure to check in with Mrs. Redfern Cave before making that decision.

Photo credit: SmugMug